Photo Verify It

This app offers peace of mind through pictures you take with your phone.

Do you need proof — objective, third party verification? Photo Verify It provides documentation and evidence, for those times you need it most.

Maybe even for situations like these (among others):

A landlord says, “There was no stain in the carpet when I rented this place to you.” Yet, you know there was.
A car rental agency says, “That bumper was NOT in that condition when you picked up the car.” But you know it was.
You’re eyeing a picturesque French château through an online vacation rental agency, but your trust issues are getting the better of you; after all, what if they wrongfully accuse you of stealing or destroying something?

In all of these situations, it’s your word against theirs, right?

Not anymore!

Photo Verify It truly is “Life, verified.” Here’s how it works.

Using the app, take unlimited pictures and video (up to 10 seconds in length) of whatever might need third party, objective verification — whether they’re pictures of the interior and exterior of a rental car, or a vacation rental, or a new apartment or home.

Those pictures are then stored on a secure server, no longer living on your phone. A report can be then generated to display these pictures with all of their detailed information.

Images are securely stored with time, date, and geolocation. Additionally, the photos can be tagged with supplemental information (such as a description of the damage, identification of the specific elements contained in the picture, or any other details you wish to add).

And because they’re stored on a secure server and not on your phone, the photos can’t be altered. So uploading the photos using the app provides objective verification.

There are so many uses for Photo Verify It, like:

  • Document your home belongings for insurance purposes;
  • Condition of vacation rental property before and after you arrive;
  • Property management (move in/move out reports);
  • Verify work completed on a job site;
  • Objectively document the damage from a vehicle accident;
  • Even for photo evidence in high-conflict divorce/custody situations, verifying the condition of your child when they return to or from your care.

Testimonial quotes (from beta users):
“I've been a property manager for 20 years. This is the most useful app I've come across. Gone to court twice, both wins because of Photo Verify It.” — Nicole

“I rented a property online and I saved my $1,500 deposit because of Photo Verify It. It took about 2 minutes and was completely worth the time.” — Matt

The app is free. The only cost is in-app purchases to create reports for the images taken.
***$2.99 allows an upload of 25 photos maximum
***$4.99 allows an upload of unlimited photos and videe